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Enjoy listening to music? Then why not get paid to listen to listen to music? Check-out our full review to maximize your earning and understanding.

SuperPoints Review

The long awaited review is finally here. Check out how you can maximize your revenue on this site.

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How good are those typing fingers of yours? you can earn money based off of how fast you can type. Check-out our full review to maximize your earning.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long Awaited SuperPoints Review!

Super Points Review.

SuperPoints is a great opportunity to make some money online it is not a scam and is completely free to join. Unfortunately it is only open for Canada, USA & UK. They have plenty of free and easy ways to collect points. One point averages out to one cent and accumulating more points before cashing-out is ideal. For example cashing out at 10$ instead of 5$ will save you about 50 points. They send payments out once a week on mondays, so don't worry if you cashed out on a wednesday and you still did not receive your payment four days later, just be patient. Also please note that the email you use for your account should be your Paypal email. If you don't do this you will run into issues like I did.

Basic guide to your receiving first payment:

Well first off SuperPoint is Exclusive and need an invite to join. you can use mine by clicking the big Join now button below.

After joining it is essential to upgrade your account right away if you intend on making the most out of your superpoints. Upgrading you account is easy, verify your email & complete the basic information. The more your account is upgraded the more clicks you will have on the super lucky button & the less you will need to earn to cash-out.

Do all of the freebies. 

The have surveys every once in a while that they will offer your you to do. surveys are usually quick and easy to complete. Surveys will earn you approximately 50points wich is awesome for answering just a few questions.

The Super Lucky button will earn you anywhere between 1 and 100 points. It is ideal to wait about 20 seconds between each of your clicks to maximize your revenue when using the button.

Check your Email they send you free points almost everyday in your email. anywhere between 1- 200 points. I find it kinda funny that never checked my email until I joined this site.

Watch the videos. they can have up to 10 videos a day for you to watch, and you don't even have to actually watch them. you can mute the sound and hide the tab until the video is finished. Although doing this task will only give you 1 point per video.

They have many offers for you to complete. Be careful when in this section of the site because some offers require you to purchase something for you to complete offers.

Advanced guide & Secret

If you join under our referral then feel free to send an email to support@honestlyonline.org for the advanced guide. If you don't feel like waiting for us to respond you your email you can download it here Non-referrals

Proof of Payment:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exclusive SliceThePie Review

Make Money Online For Listening To Music!


Slice The Pie is a great site to earn some fast cash online! In my opinion this site is  much more reasonable than MegaTypers; where you have to fill out 1000 Captachs for $1. Slice The Pie is actually quite simple, as you listen to 90seconds of music while writing out a review. A small paragraph of what you think they should change in the song or what you like in the song is all that's required. The pay starts at 5cents for each review but after successfully filling out a few it increases. Currently I am getting paid 14-15cents a review. The maximum you can receive for a review is 20¢. They will pay you via paypal once you've earned more than $10 which is actually quite quick. It took me about 1hour and 20mins to receive my first payment. This website is currently available in Canada, Usa, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. Their payout method is also limited to only Paypal. I would rate this app 9/10 because payments are always recived on time but they don't always have songs to review queued.

How To Join

1. Click the big signup button.
2. Profit!


Always give constructive honest criticism, don't just say you like it or you or not. Be as descriptive as possible because these are actual artists paying money for your opinion, and if they don't receive good constructive criticism then potentially there may not be any work for us.

Proof Of Payment

Christopher D

Monday, August 6, 2012

New updates!

We've recently expanded!
We've purchased and registered the domain name honestlyonline.org It will be up and running in approximately three days, but no need to worry if you reach out site through blogspot. It will just simply redirect you!

As well as we now have a brand-new support team dedicated to determining if a sites is a scam or not. So if you ever come across a site and you are unsure if it's a SCAM or not feel free to email for a second opinion. Please title the subject "site assistance" for a faster response.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Superpoints Review comming soon!

Sorry guys for the delay, but I am not actually finished my super points review yet, but it will be up shortly. I don't like posting reviews until I get confirmation that the site is legit and pays-out.
If you want a sneak-peak of the site you can join here.