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Friday, May 10, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The truth.

The truth.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Bitcoins are now $137 A piece! This is a guide on how to get them free and what they are! This video should pretty much explain everything.

First you'll need a Wallet you can get one here for free.
(No Installation Needed)
(No Need to Synchronize with Network)

“My Wallet is a free online bitcoin wallet which you can use to make worldwide, anonymous payments for free. We make paying with bitcoins easy and secure available anywhere on your phone or desktop.We are not a bank, you retain complete ownership of your Money. We cannot view your balance, see your transactions or make payments on your behalf.”

Ok now lets get you some bitcoins!

First off Say good bye to ad.fly and hello to CoinURL.
CoinURL is a Url shortening service that gives you bit-coins when people vist your links! http://cur.lv/kqi3

(0.0??+ BTC) Every week, but come back every day to rack it up.
Free Bitcoins (0.00022 - 0.00026 BTC) Every day.
(0.0004 BTC) Every video watched.
Bitcoin Faucet (0.001+ BTC) One time only.
(0.00008+ BTC) Every 5 min, until visited all ads.
BTC Faucet (0.006 BTC) facebook/google accounts required
(0.00005 BTC - 0.1 BTC) only one payout per hour.
(0.00015+ BTC) Every 24 hours.
(scratch off ticket, 0.001 BTC) Every 12 hours.
(0.00005 BTC) Every 24 hours.
Bitbin Every hit made on your pastes, min. payout 0.005 BTC
Bitpasta (varies) Every ad click made on your pastes.
Coinworker Get bitcoins for doing simple tasks.

If this guide was useful to you send me some bitcoins!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fast Trick to Earn Money from Facebook ,Twitter , Youtube.

I'll tell you a new smart way to win money from facebook and twitter

*this topic will consist of two parts. 1st part is about fanslave and how it works 2nd part will be a new smart way to make fast and easy money using the check4changes Firefox extension

Part 1:  

Fanslave is a website where you can make money just by liking Facebook pages and following twitter pages , and you can also get fans for your page with the coins earned ( when you like a page you get coins + money ) , and you can earn more money just by referring and inviting your friends to the site , fan slave has one of the best referral systems which allows you to make more money easily . 

*you can win up to 10 cents per one like. depending on your fan rank. also you win a 15% commission of your referrals. all you need is a registered Facebook account with a display picture and some friends. 

 Supported banks: 

 To join fanslave you have to register a new account by visiting the website (please join my ref link below )  

Registration Link HERE 

then login to your account and connect your Facebook account and do the same to your twitter account. 

after adding Facebook account the new pages will appear 
right click and open in new tap then press like button at each one of them. after liking the pages you click on the update button (1) to save your work to refresh the page to see new pages press (2) 
the most important trick here is that the new pages are not available all the time, it comes and goes along the day which requires you to refresh the page many times trying to find new pages to like and here is the part 2 of the topic  

part 2: 

 check4changes is a Firefox extension which checks the page for any change you want and then alarm you if there is changes. we will use this tool to automatically check if new pages are available to like add it from here then restart your Firefox and login to your fanslave
double click on the "There are no fan pages available at the moment" to highlight it. then right click on it and select check4changes sub menu. by default you select check every 30 seconds option. you can edit it to check for any changes through any interval you want by selecting custom from the sub menu. 

Download Check4changes here

now you can minimize the fanslave tap and continue working anywhere and when there is a new page to like. the check4changes extension will warn you automatically by sound alarm and pop up alarm to let you know that there is a new page to like. 

Payment Proofs:

updated 20-11-2012 

Payment proof 

at last i hope you join fanslave from my ref link and thank you. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make 40$ a month Auto surfing!

Make 40$ a month Auto surfing!

You can easily make 0.2 Euros a day auto surfing  just leave it on on your computer or a VPS and you will never need to check up on it.

Like all AutoSurf websites, you should run the programs/browsers in sandboxie(http://www.sandboxie.com) so you do not get a virus from one of the sites in which they are rotating.

Method 1 (More money but uses more resources and bandwidth)

The minimum amount to cash out for this site is 2 EUR via PayPal and may take 1-4 days to process.

It does not add up to be much, but it is about $7.6878/month($0.25626/day) per account that you make.
Step 1.) Join the website eBesucher.
Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange
Step 2.) Click traffic exchange and then scroll down to surfbar.
Step 3.) *Optional so you will not have to manually restart it*
Download the eBesucher Restarter from http://www.ebesucher.com/restarter.html and set it up.
Step 4.) Leave the computer on forever and cash out in about 2 weeks.

Method 2 (Less money but uses less resources and bandwidth)

The minimum amount to cash out for this site is 2 EUR via PayPal and may take 1-4 days to process.

It does not add up to be much, but it is about $5.1584364/month($0.17194788/day) per account that you run 24/7.
Step 1.) Join the website Z-barre by clicking here.

Step 2.) Log in
Step 3.) Click ZBarre
Step 4.) Click download the ZBarre
Step 5.) Install ZBarre
Step 6.) Run ZBarre
Step 7.) Leave the computer on forever.
Step 8.)Cash out

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No more Superpoints.

Recenlty received this message from superpoints. Fortunately we here at honestlyonline.com managed to make  approximately 100$ in a couple month before the site got shut down.
The superpoints message is below.
"An important message from the Superpoints team:
Dear Superpoints members,
At the end of January, 2011 the current team began to manage operations of Superpoints.com on behalf of its owner, Superpoints, LLC, in the hopes that we could build a great rewards community. We did our best, but unfortunately Superpoints, LLC has decided to cancel our management relationship and take back management of the site.
Unfortunately we are forced to suspend access to Superpoints.com and members will no longer have access to the site as of 3:00 pm central time on November 7th, 2012. We’re saddened to have to take this action, but extenuating circumstances have forced our hand. We’ll do our best to complete fulfillments on a timely basis for those rewards claimed prior to the site’s suspension.
Will my pending redemption still be paid out?
Yes, we will do our best to fulfill all redemptions submitted to Superpoints.com prior to 3:00 pm CST on November 7, 2012.
Why are you making such drastic changes?
There are several changes happening in the management of the Superpoints website and the economic conditions around supporting a rewards site. Those changes have prompted the suspension of the Superpoints.com website.
What about my support email that you haven’t replied to?
At this time we do not have the resources available to respond to all the support emails. We will begin answering new support emails regarding redemptions but all prior emails will not be addressed. If you have any outstanding requests regarding redemptions, please contact us again and we will look into it. Requests outside of redemptions may or may not be responded to.
Is the site going down permanently? 
The current team will no longer be the managing operator of the Superpoints.com domain and therefore we don’t have information as to whether or not Superpoints.com will resume service at a future date. "

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to verify your paypal account.

How to verify your paypal account with The Payoneer Affiliate

The Payoneer Affiliate Card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard  card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at a point of sale location to  make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash.

Benefits of the Payoneer  Prepaid Card :
- get $25 bonus
- Get payments from  multiple affiliate networks
- No bank account required
- Account held in US Dollars
- Payments available within 2 hours
- Use in stores, online, or ATMs that accept MasterCard
- Avoid steep bank charges
- Low cost fee structure
- No administrative hassles
- 24/7 online ‘My Account’ page for checking balances and transactions
- In-house multi lingual live chat, telephone and e-mail support
- Receive private payments  to your card from anyone

Other Features :

1-) Verify PayPal,  Moneybookers and Payza from Payoneer Card
2-) There is no fee to change the number of ATMs
3 -) the possibility of shopping locally without any restrictions and without any benefits as Free-Purchases
4-) activation Paypal all easy Online, or any other electronic bank
5-) purchase easily from the Internet - impossible to be rejected from any location is a subsidiary of MasterCard Worldwide
6 -) cap card $ 5,000 a day - means buy daily $ 2,500 - withdrawn from the ATM per day $ 2,500
7 -) Follow-up all remittances Online and without any delay
8 -) withdrawal fees from ATM is $ 3.15
9 -) balance inquiry fee $ 1 in ATM

Setting up your account

First: Click on the link below:

click here to register

 Secondly,  mobilize the data as in the picture:

Third: Complete the data as in the picture:

 Fourth: complete data of national identity as in the image: 

5th: After registration, you might receive download link to your email to upload a copy of your ID national or passport.(We here at honestlyonline.org did not have to do this step, but we've received quite a few messages for you guys saying you had to do this.)

E-mail as follows:

 Dear eric ,
Payoneer's Account Approval Department is requesting a copy of a valid  government issued photo ID document, so that we can process your card  application. Acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, passport,  national ID, and military ID.
Please make sure the ID matches the details provided on your Payoneer  card application and that the document is clear, and has your name and  your date of birth displayed clearly. Documents that are difficult to  read can cause further delays, so please enlarge and lighten copies when  you scan, for clear viewing.
You can scan your ID (we prefer a jpeg file) and upload it automatically  to your account for us to review by using the link below:

Upload link
Or if you prefer, you can attach the file in reply to this e-mail.  Please note that documents uploaded using the upload link above are  reviewed more quickly than replies by e-mail.
Need more help? Please reply to this message, contact us using our  Payoneer Contact Form , and/or chat live with us Sunday-Friday, 9:00 AM -  6:00 PM (EST

If you received this message all you have to do is click on the word  Upload link and provide them with the national card or passport or any other document acceptable.

And you will be directed to the lift link

When providing that document you have to wait 1-5 days (depending on the   clarity of your national - quality) then , you will receive a message   telling you that they have your application has been approved and  charge  your card and give you the time and the arrival follows:

 Dear eric ,
Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012
There are 3 steps to be completed:
Step 1: Registration » Completed!
Step 2: Approval » Completed!
Step 3: Delivery » You are here!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012

How to activate your account paypal by Payoneer Mastercard

First: login into your account payoneer
and click on ( Services - US Payment Service )

click on the green button "Active"

Then login to your account and add the U.S. bank account to paypal

Paypal send  two numbers to your account payoneer

Then enter two numbers here

Congratulations, your account paypal is verified.
Feel free to post your appreciation in the comment section below aswell as sending a small donation to admin@honestlyonline.org on paypal for more great Articles. (Bookmark us!)

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