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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make 40$ a month Auto surfing!

Make 40$ a month Auto surfing!

You can easily make 0.2 Euros a day auto surfing  just leave it on on your computer or a VPS and you will never need to check up on it.

Like all AutoSurf websites, you should run the programs/browsers in sandboxie(http://www.sandboxie.com) so you do not get a virus from one of the sites in which they are rotating.

Method 1 (More money but uses more resources and bandwidth)

The minimum amount to cash out for this site is 2 EUR via PayPal and may take 1-4 days to process.

It does not add up to be much, but it is about $7.6878/month($0.25626/day) per account that you make.
Step 1.) Join the website eBesucher.
Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange
Step 2.) Click traffic exchange and then scroll down to surfbar.
Step 3.) *Optional so you will not have to manually restart it*
Download the eBesucher Restarter from http://www.ebesucher.com/restarter.html and set it up.
Step 4.) Leave the computer on forever and cash out in about 2 weeks.

Method 2 (Less money but uses less resources and bandwidth)

The minimum amount to cash out for this site is 2 EUR via PayPal and may take 1-4 days to process.

It does not add up to be much, but it is about $5.1584364/month($0.17194788/day) per account that you run 24/7.
Step 1.) Join the website Z-barre by clicking here.

Step 2.) Log in
Step 3.) Click ZBarre
Step 4.) Click download the ZBarre
Step 5.) Install ZBarre
Step 6.) Run ZBarre
Step 7.) Leave the computer on forever.
Step 8.)Cash out

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No more Superpoints.

Recenlty received this message from superpoints. Fortunately we here at honestlyonline.com managed to make  approximately 100$ in a couple month before the site got shut down.
The superpoints message is below.
"An important message from the Superpoints team:
Dear Superpoints members,
At the end of January, 2011 the current team began to manage operations of Superpoints.com on behalf of its owner, Superpoints, LLC, in the hopes that we could build a great rewards community. We did our best, but unfortunately Superpoints, LLC has decided to cancel our management relationship and take back management of the site.
Unfortunately we are forced to suspend access to Superpoints.com and members will no longer have access to the site as of 3:00 pm central time on November 7th, 2012. We’re saddened to have to take this action, but extenuating circumstances have forced our hand. We’ll do our best to complete fulfillments on a timely basis for those rewards claimed prior to the site’s suspension.
Will my pending redemption still be paid out?
Yes, we will do our best to fulfill all redemptions submitted to Superpoints.com prior to 3:00 pm CST on November 7, 2012.
Why are you making such drastic changes?
There are several changes happening in the management of the Superpoints website and the economic conditions around supporting a rewards site. Those changes have prompted the suspension of the Superpoints.com website.
What about my support email that you haven’t replied to?
At this time we do not have the resources available to respond to all the support emails. We will begin answering new support emails regarding redemptions but all prior emails will not be addressed. If you have any outstanding requests regarding redemptions, please contact us again and we will look into it. Requests outside of redemptions may or may not be responded to.
Is the site going down permanently? 
The current team will no longer be the managing operator of the Superpoints.com domain and therefore we don’t have information as to whether or not Superpoints.com will resume service at a future date. "

Monday, October 29, 2012

How to verify your paypal account.

How to verify your paypal account with The Payoneer Affiliate

The Payoneer Affiliate Card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard  card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at a point of sale location to  make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash.

Benefits of the Payoneer  Prepaid Card :
- get $25 bonus
- Get payments from  multiple affiliate networks
- No bank account required
- Account held in US Dollars
- Payments available within 2 hours
- Use in stores, online, or ATMs that accept MasterCard
- Avoid steep bank charges
- Low cost fee structure
- No administrative hassles
- 24/7 online ‘My Account’ page for checking balances and transactions
- In-house multi lingual live chat, telephone and e-mail support
- Receive private payments  to your card from anyone

Other Features :

1-) Verify PayPal,  Moneybookers and Payza from Payoneer Card
2-) There is no fee to change the number of ATMs
3 -) the possibility of shopping locally without any restrictions and without any benefits as Free-Purchases
4-) activation Paypal all easy Online, or any other electronic bank
5-) purchase easily from the Internet - impossible to be rejected from any location is a subsidiary of MasterCard Worldwide
6 -) cap card $ 5,000 a day - means buy daily $ 2,500 - withdrawn from the ATM per day $ 2,500
7 -) Follow-up all remittances Online and without any delay
8 -) withdrawal fees from ATM is $ 3.15
9 -) balance inquiry fee $ 1 in ATM

Setting up your account

First: Click on the link below:

click here to register

 Secondly,  mobilize the data as in the picture:

Third: Complete the data as in the picture:

 Fourth: complete data of national identity as in the image: 

5th: After registration, you might receive download link to your email to upload a copy of your ID national or passport.(We here at honestlyonline.org did not have to do this step, but we've received quite a few messages for you guys saying you had to do this.)

E-mail as follows:

 Dear eric ,
Payoneer's Account Approval Department is requesting a copy of a valid  government issued photo ID document, so that we can process your card  application. Acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, passport,  national ID, and military ID.
Please make sure the ID matches the details provided on your Payoneer  card application and that the document is clear, and has your name and  your date of birth displayed clearly. Documents that are difficult to  read can cause further delays, so please enlarge and lighten copies when  you scan, for clear viewing.
You can scan your ID (we prefer a jpeg file) and upload it automatically  to your account for us to review by using the link below:

Upload link
Or if you prefer, you can attach the file in reply to this e-mail.  Please note that documents uploaded using the upload link above are  reviewed more quickly than replies by e-mail.
Need more help? Please reply to this message, contact us using our  Payoneer Contact Form , and/or chat live with us Sunday-Friday, 9:00 AM -  6:00 PM (EST

If you received this message all you have to do is click on the word  Upload link and provide them with the national card or passport or any other document acceptable.

And you will be directed to the lift link

When providing that document you have to wait 1-5 days (depending on the   clarity of your national - quality) then , you will receive a message   telling you that they have your application has been approved and  charge  your card and give you the time and the arrival follows:

 Dear eric ,
Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012
There are 3 steps to be completed:
Step 1: Registration » Completed!
Step 2: Approval » Completed!
Step 3: Delivery » You are here!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012

How to activate your account paypal by Payoneer Mastercard

First: login into your account payoneer
and click on ( Services - US Payment Service )

click on the green button "Active"

Then login to your account and add the U.S. bank account to paypal

Paypal send  two numbers to your account payoneer

Then enter two numbers here

Congratulations, your account paypal is verified.
Feel free to post your appreciation in the comment section below aswell as sending a small donation to admin@honestlyonline.org on paypal for more great Articles. (Bookmark us!)

If you have not started yet click here!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to make 30$ a month auto pilot!

How to make 30$ a month auto pilot!

Note: please note that this will take about 20mins to set-up and after that it is 100% autopilot.

Step 1: Make a account at (jointopline)

Step 2: Install the topline tool bar preferably to Firefox if you don't already have fire fox you can download it here. (I recommend this due to it running the smoothest and not crashing so you'll be earning money 24/7)

Step 3: Make a HITLEAP account here.

Step 4: go to the traffic exchange on Hit leap and click start traffic exchange. Make sure your sound is off because some sites have annoying sound and I recommend downloading the hit leap ad-on to prevent the traffic exchange from crashing.

Step 5: Watch the earnings on your topline account skyrocket. Because all of the ads you are viewing are on different sites the views are legit. after you hit 10$ you can request a payment from topline. Please post a thanks in the comment section if you found this article useful.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Found a site and don't know if it is a scam or not?

If you found a site and don't know if it's a scam then check our list here.
If you have been scammed from a site then send a email to support@honestlyonline.org providing proof and it will be added to the list.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long Awaited SuperPoints Review!

Super Points Review.

SuperPoints is a great opportunity to make some money online it is not a scam and is completely free to join. Unfortunately it is only open for Canada, USA & UK. They have plenty of free and easy ways to collect points. One point averages out to one cent and accumulating more points before cashing-out is ideal. For example cashing out at 10$ instead of 5$ will save you about 50 points. They send payments out once a week on mondays, so don't worry if you cashed out on a wednesday and you still did not receive your payment four days later, just be patient. Also please note that the email you use for your account should be your Paypal email. If you don't do this you will run into issues like I did.

Basic guide to your receiving first payment:

Well first off SuperPoint is Exclusive and need an invite to join. you can use mine by clicking the big Join now button below.

After joining it is essential to upgrade your account right away if you intend on making the most out of your superpoints. Upgrading you account is easy, verify your email & complete the basic information. The more your account is upgraded the more clicks you will have on the super lucky button & the less you will need to earn to cash-out.

Do all of the freebies. 

The have surveys every once in a while that they will offer your you to do. surveys are usually quick and easy to complete. Surveys will earn you approximately 50points wich is awesome for answering just a few questions.

The Super Lucky button will earn you anywhere between 1 and 100 points. It is ideal to wait about 20 seconds between each of your clicks to maximize your revenue when using the button.

Check your Email they send you free points almost everyday in your email. anywhere between 1- 200 points. I find it kinda funny that never checked my email until I joined this site.

Watch the videos. they can have up to 10 videos a day for you to watch, and you don't even have to actually watch them. you can mute the sound and hide the tab until the video is finished. Although doing this task will only give you 1 point per video.

They have many offers for you to complete. Be careful when in this section of the site because some offers require you to purchase something for you to complete offers.

Advanced guide & Secret

If you join under our referral then feel free to send an email to support@honestlyonline.org for the advanced guide. If you don't feel like waiting for us to respond you your email you can download it here Non-referrals

Proof of Payment:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exclusive SliceThePie Review

Make Money Online For Listening To Music!


Slice The Pie is a great site to earn some fast cash online! In my opinion this site is  much more reasonable than MegaTypers; where you have to fill out 1000 Captachs for $1. Slice The Pie is actually quite simple, as you listen to 90seconds of music while writing out a review. A small paragraph of what you think they should change in the song or what you like in the song is all that's required. The pay starts at 5cents for each review but after successfully filling out a few it increases. Currently I am getting paid 14-15cents a review. The maximum you can receive for a review is 20¢. They will pay you via paypal once you've earned more than $10 which is actually quite quick. It took me about 1hour and 20mins to receive my first payment. This website is currently available in Canada, Usa, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. Their payout method is also limited to only Paypal. I would rate this app 9/10 because payments are always recived on time but they don't always have songs to review queued.

How To Join

1. Click the big signup button.
2. Profit!


Always give constructive honest criticism, don't just say you like it or you or not. Be as descriptive as possible because these are actual artists paying money for your opinion, and if they don't receive good constructive criticism then potentially there may not be any work for us.

Proof Of Payment

Christopher D

Monday, August 6, 2012

New updates!

We've recently expanded!
We've purchased and registered the domain name honestlyonline.org It will be up and running in approximately three days, but no need to worry if you reach out site through blogspot. It will just simply redirect you!

As well as we now have a brand-new support team dedicated to determining if a sites is a scam or not. So if you ever come across a site and you are unsure if it's a SCAM or not feel free to email for a second opinion. Please title the subject "site assistance" for a faster response.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Superpoints Review comming soon!

Sorry guys for the delay, but I am not actually finished my super points review yet, but it will be up shortly. I don't like posting reviews until I get confirmation that the site is legit and pays-out.
If you want a sneak-peak of the site you can join here.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

App trailers Review

Make Money From Your Android/Iphone.

How to Join

1. Go to the market/app store and download the application "App Trailers" or "App Redeem."
2. Input the bonus code "youtube50" for an instant 250points.
3. Watch app and movie trailers and have others use your bonus code to build your points.
*points are worth 1/10th a penny so for each person you get you use your bonus code, you get 250 (25cents) towards any of the gift card offers. the application doesn't ask for ny personal info except what's needed to redeem your points.

Quick review

You watch 20second advertisements on your phone and get 1-5cents per ad. There is also new offer they have but it seems you have to spend money to make money so I would avoid those offers. This app in my opinion is probably the fastest way to make money on the internet currently. You can also redeem your points via PayPal, the minimum cash out is 15cents so everyone should be able to make some quick cash off this. I would rate this opportunity 9/10 because sometimes the payments are delayed a couple of hours when it states that all payments will be received in 60seconds.

Proof Of Payments:

(click image to see larger view)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

MegaTypers Review

MegaTypers is an exclusive site that pays you to fill out CAPTCHAs.You've probably filled out a ton of these while surfing the web, why not get paid to fill them out! Joining is free the only thing you need to join is a referral code. You can use mine "337C"
This site in my opinion is good for people with a lot of free time on their hands so if you're busy all the time I don't recommend joining. They don't have any country restrictions and payout in a variety of ways. (paypal, western union, webmoney)
The faster you can type the more you'll make. Their payout is extremely low at only $3 which is nice most PCT(paid to click ) sites are approximately $20+. So by putting in a little bit more effort then just clicking you can make more on this site then PTC sites.  Also the amount you get paid is different depending on what time you fill the CAPTCHs out.
You can join at:

Proof of payment

ProTip- Make earning money fun! I have competitions with friends and family seeing who can fill out CAPTCHAs faster.

Having trouble with the CAPTCHAs? Check out this site to only type one word from the CAPTCHA this will dramatically increase your speed.  http://q.gs/1ZgVx

Brace yourselves new content soon! Follow me!


Monday, July 23, 2012



If you are reading my blog then you are probably interested in making some money online, and to be honest making money online can actually be really easy. But without guidance It can result in a terrible experience and a loss of money and time. I'm writing this blog to share with you my positive and negative  experiences on making money online. I will recommend different sites that you can make some money on and provide proof that the sites actually pay out. I will also give you tips and tricks on making the sites work better for you. As well as assist you in picking out which site works best for you. Some sites require more effort then others, and some require more time than others. And last but not least you are not going to become a millionaire by joining any of theses site, you'll probably earn enough to pay for your Starbucks coffee or even dinner every once and a while! I make approximately 25$ a day working 1 hour online on multiple sites.

Quick-tip of the week- If the site requires some sort of payment to register then it's probably a scam /pyramid scheme.

So click that follow button & enjoy

Chris D


This Blog is actually really new and still under construction but feel free to read and share your opinions!