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Monday, October 29, 2012

How to verify your paypal account.

How to verify your paypal account with The Payoneer Affiliate

The Payoneer Affiliate Card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard  card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at a point of sale location to  make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash.

Benefits of the Payoneer  Prepaid Card :
- get $25 bonus
- Get payments from  multiple affiliate networks
- No bank account required
- Account held in US Dollars
- Payments available within 2 hours
- Use in stores, online, or ATMs that accept MasterCard
- Avoid steep bank charges
- Low cost fee structure
- No administrative hassles
- 24/7 online ‘My Account’ page for checking balances and transactions
- In-house multi lingual live chat, telephone and e-mail support
- Receive private payments  to your card from anyone

Other Features :

1-) Verify PayPal,  Moneybookers and Payza from Payoneer Card
2-) There is no fee to change the number of ATMs
3 -) the possibility of shopping locally without any restrictions and without any benefits as Free-Purchases
4-) activation Paypal all easy Online, or any other electronic bank
5-) purchase easily from the Internet - impossible to be rejected from any location is a subsidiary of MasterCard Worldwide
6 -) cap card $ 5,000 a day - means buy daily $ 2,500 - withdrawn from the ATM per day $ 2,500
7 -) Follow-up all remittances Online and without any delay
8 -) withdrawal fees from ATM is $ 3.15
9 -) balance inquiry fee $ 1 in ATM

Setting up your account

First: Click on the link below:

click here to register

 Secondly,  mobilize the data as in the picture:

Third: Complete the data as in the picture:

 Fourth: complete data of national identity as in the image: 

5th: After registration, you might receive download link to your email to upload a copy of your ID national or passport.(We here at honestlyonline.org did not have to do this step, but we've received quite a few messages for you guys saying you had to do this.)

E-mail as follows:

 Dear eric ,
Payoneer's Account Approval Department is requesting a copy of a valid  government issued photo ID document, so that we can process your card  application. Acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, passport,  national ID, and military ID.
Please make sure the ID matches the details provided on your Payoneer  card application and that the document is clear, and has your name and  your date of birth displayed clearly. Documents that are difficult to  read can cause further delays, so please enlarge and lighten copies when  you scan, for clear viewing.
You can scan your ID (we prefer a jpeg file) and upload it automatically  to your account for us to review by using the link below:

Upload link
Or if you prefer, you can attach the file in reply to this e-mail.  Please note that documents uploaded using the upload link above are  reviewed more quickly than replies by e-mail.
Need more help? Please reply to this message, contact us using our  Payoneer Contact Form , and/or chat live with us Sunday-Friday, 9:00 AM -  6:00 PM (EST

If you received this message all you have to do is click on the word  Upload link and provide them with the national card or passport or any other document acceptable.

And you will be directed to the lift link

When providing that document you have to wait 1-5 days (depending on the   clarity of your national - quality) then , you will receive a message   telling you that they have your application has been approved and  charge  your card and give you the time and the arrival follows:

 Dear eric ,
Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012
There are 3 steps to be completed:
Step 1: Registration » Completed!
Step 2: Approval » Completed!
Step 3: Delivery » You are here!
The estimated arrival date for your card is 10 Aug 2012

How to activate your account paypal by Payoneer Mastercard

First: login into your account payoneer
and click on ( Services - US Payment Service )

click on the green button "Active"

Then login to your account and add the U.S. bank account to paypal

Paypal send  two numbers to your account payoneer

Then enter two numbers here

Congratulations, your account paypal is verified.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to make 30$ a month auto pilot!

How to make 30$ a month auto pilot!

Note: please note that this will take about 20mins to set-up and after that it is 100% autopilot.

Step 1: Make a account at (jointopline)

Step 2: Install the topline tool bar preferably to Firefox if you don't already have fire fox you can download it here. (I recommend this due to it running the smoothest and not crashing so you'll be earning money 24/7)

Step 3: Make a HITLEAP account here.

Step 4: go to the traffic exchange on Hit leap and click start traffic exchange. Make sure your sound is off because some sites have annoying sound and I recommend downloading the hit leap ad-on to prevent the traffic exchange from crashing.

Step 5: Watch the earnings on your topline account skyrocket. Because all of the ads you are viewing are on different sites the views are legit. after you hit 10$ you can request a payment from topline. Please post a thanks in the comment section if you found this article useful.