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Saturday, July 28, 2012

App trailers Review

Make Money From Your Android/Iphone.

How to Join

1. Go to the market/app store and download the application "App Trailers" or "App Redeem."
2. Input the bonus code "youtube50" for an instant 250points.
3. Watch app and movie trailers and have others use your bonus code to build your points.
*points are worth 1/10th a penny so for each person you get you use your bonus code, you get 250 (25cents) towards any of the gift card offers. the application doesn't ask for ny personal info except what's needed to redeem your points.

Quick review

You watch 20second advertisements on your phone and get 1-5cents per ad. There is also new offer they have but it seems you have to spend money to make money so I would avoid those offers. This app in my opinion is probably the fastest way to make money on the internet currently. You can also redeem your points via PayPal, the minimum cash out is 15cents so everyone should be able to make some quick cash off this. I would rate this opportunity 9/10 because sometimes the payments are delayed a couple of hours when it states that all payments will be received in 60seconds.

Proof Of Payments:

(click image to see larger view)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

MegaTypers Review

MegaTypers is an exclusive site that pays you to fill out CAPTCHAs.You've probably filled out a ton of these while surfing the web, why not get paid to fill them out! Joining is free the only thing you need to join is a referral code. You can use mine "337C"
This site in my opinion is good for people with a lot of free time on their hands so if you're busy all the time I don't recommend joining. They don't have any country restrictions and payout in a variety of ways. (paypal, western union, webmoney)
The faster you can type the more you'll make. Their payout is extremely low at only $3 which is nice most PCT(paid to click ) sites are approximately $20+. So by putting in a little bit more effort then just clicking you can make more on this site then PTC sites.  Also the amount you get paid is different depending on what time you fill the CAPTCHs out.
You can join at:

Proof of payment

ProTip- Make earning money fun! I have competitions with friends and family seeing who can fill out CAPTCHAs faster.

Having trouble with the CAPTCHAs? Check out this site to only type one word from the CAPTCHA this will dramatically increase your speed.  http://q.gs/1ZgVx

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Monday, July 23, 2012



If you are reading my blog then you are probably interested in making some money online, and to be honest making money online can actually be really easy. But without guidance It can result in a terrible experience and a loss of money and time. I'm writing this blog to share with you my positive and negative  experiences on making money online. I will recommend different sites that you can make some money on and provide proof that the sites actually pay out. I will also give you tips and tricks on making the sites work better for you. As well as assist you in picking out which site works best for you. Some sites require more effort then others, and some require more time than others. And last but not least you are not going to become a millionaire by joining any of theses site, you'll probably earn enough to pay for your Starbucks coffee or even dinner every once and a while! I make approximately 25$ a day working 1 hour online on multiple sites.

Quick-tip of the week- If the site requires some sort of payment to register then it's probably a scam /pyramid scheme.

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Chris D


This Blog is actually really new and still under construction but feel free to read and share your opinions!